Holding Our Own

Holding Our Own

This powerful yet tender treatment of our final life passage features artist
Deidre Scherer, the hospice chorus Hallowell, and
Ira Byock, M.D., author of DYING WELL. With its gentle, direct, and celebratory approach
toward the end of life,
can be shared with
audiences of all ages.


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"Challenge yourself, your loved ones, your friends and your community! See this film! It opens us to our fears around aging, loss, death, grief and spirituality and shows us how we might reclaim a rich community-based potential at the end of life...."

Balfour M. Mount, M.D.
Emeritus Professor
of Oncology & Palliative Medicine
McGill University

"This is a lovely, sensitively shot, and uncompromising film that stares with generous and empathetic eyes at a process many of us would rather look away from. With each portrait of the dying, this remarkable film comes alive, its humanity, respect and love the antidote and corrective to the great gulf of loss at the heart of each painful, and yet also heroic, story."

Ken Burns
PBS Documentary Filmmaker

"... a beautiful portrayal of the art of dying....illustrates how the strength and beauty of the soul emerges even as the body fades...."

Frank Ostaseski
Founder, Metta Institute
Founding Director
Zen Hospice Project